Turkey Day

Am I embarrassed that I made Dawson take pictures with me on timer so we could remember our first married Thanksgiving?  Maybe.

I worked til 3 on Thanksgiving (holiday pay = worth it) and then we had a rather unorthodox Thanksgiving dinner.  Coach Whit had to be at the hotel for the game the next day so the Marriott put on a feast for all the coaches' and players' families.

We were also lucky enough to have a SECOND Thanksgiving at the Kent's this weekend.  Taedon spiced the day up by slicing his finger open during dinner but since he was "Peter Parker/Spiderman" that day he was very brave.

If the whole point of Thanksgiving is to be with family and stuff yourself so full you have to waddle the rest of the day, I'd say we were very successful.


Thanksgiving Thankfuls

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Here is what we are thankful for this year:

10. Nielsen's Frozen Custard
9. Netflix 
8. A wife/nazi that keeps me in shape
7. Snowmobile/Motorcycle 
6. A place to live that's close to Missy's work and my studies
5. Economic security (as much as a college student and recent grad could possibly have)
4. Friends
3. The Gospel
2. Parents, siblings, in-laws, and nieces/nephews
1. Melissa

10. taylor swift
9. utah football
8. nielsen's frozen custard
7. my kindle
6. ranch dressing
5. golds gym
4. our perfect, adorable home
3. the gospel 
2. the people in my life: friends, my incredible parents and siblings, in-laws, plus all my extended family (who are all more like best friends than aunts/uncles/cousins)
1. my UH-mazing husband Dawson


Guess who's preggers...

Well, the news is out -
(I hope no one thought I was talking about me)

We could NOT be more excited.  Britt paves the way for all of us... first to drive, first to get a job, first to move out (temporarily), first to get married, and now first to have a freaking child.  OMG.  So happy for her! Oh and for Matt.  I guess he has a part in this as well.

In honor of this momentous news we went out to dinner (the first time in a while for Britt, she has gotten nasty morning sickness/always sickness. Poor thing).  Nikki was in town so even better!  Cheesecake Factory for all.

We even we braved the crowds at the new H&M and went and bought her the first pair of maternity pants.  Although her skinny butt might not even fit into them til she's 8 months along.  She has a model's figure.  But we love her too much to hate her for it.


Adios for 2

Saying good-bye to Alex (in the parking lot by the MTC) 3 weeks ago was bitter sweet.  But since he's been gone the Utes have gone undefeated so now I'm ok with him not being here.
He is doing great though and his letters sound like he is pretty much an official missionary with extremely nerdy humor.  He leaves the MTC for New Zealand this Monday!


Utah @ Washington State

Final Score: 30-27  

Ay yi yi.  This game was WAY too close for comfort.

I had to work a night shift again so we didn't go.  I had THOUGHT that the game would be over by the time I left for work at 6:30pm.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

Somehow after every time we scored and I thought the game was over, WSU would come back and score.  Me, Dawson, and Kylie were freaking out.  Of course the timing was perfect so I had to leave for work RIGHT as we were going into overtime.  Was I losing my mind?  Yes.

I cranked up the radio in the car and listened to the game while making phone calls to Julie and Dawson.  When we got the interception I DID cheer in the car by myself.  After Coleman Peterson made the field goal and won the game for us, I DID roll down the windows and yell to everyone on Foothill Blvd. that we won.  And then called Dawson and cheered with him on the phone.

AND lucky for me I had a patient who was as obsessed with college football as I am.  He had the USC-Oregon game on in his room and for some reason I had to "check on him" a lot of times during the game.  Go figure.  He was nice enough to yell out to me every time Oregon scored in the 4th quarter if I wasn't in there, and we both sighed in despair when they missed that fieldgoal.  I do really love my job.


Quick Update

We had Tyler and Jason over for FHE.
We watched a lot of YouTube and wrote Alex letters.
Not the most spiritual but we bonded.

Brady and Tyler "accidentally" ran into Alex at the MTC.
What a good looking district!

Dawson pretends to love my cooking.
I had craft time for the kitchen.
Homemade Indian food. One of our favorites.

Saturday night date nights.
Sometimes I skip dinner so I can get a concrete and eat the whole thing.

Jeff and Lauren's wedding:
Beautiful weather at the temple and gorgeous reception.


Utah vs. UCLA

Final Score: 31-6

It was freezing, to say the least.  It snowed the whole first quarter and was successful in soaking our shoes so our toes were numb the rest of the game.  Well actually, we put toe warmers in our shoes and that helped me a ton but Dawson's didn't work.  Poor guy.  And lucky me.

It didn't even matter though, cuz  watching the Utes win was more than worth it.


The Good and the Bad

Here's some of the good's and the bad's that happened this past week:

the bad
-I had my recurring nightmare again where I dream that I'm not married to Dawson.  This might not sound scary but trust me, in my dream it is and I always wake up in a panic.

-A random number called me at 10pm on Monday and I foolishly answered it.  Turns out work was short on nurses and needed someone to come in, and since I am so awkward when it comes to talking on the phone I couldn't figure out how to say no under the pressure. Soooo I went into work from 11 pm to 7am.  Yuck.

the good
-Dawson went to the gym with me 3 times this week even though he had super lots of homework and really didn't want to.  He knows I hate going alone though (plus I like to show him off) so he went anyway.  Love him.

-I placed an NG tube in my patient this past week! (if you don't know what that is look here)  My first time since nursing school and I was very proud of myself.  And I was very proud that I wasn't even phased by all the puke that was coming out of the lady before I put it in.

-We FINALLY went to Nielsen's after I begged for weeks to go.  Devoured my concrete in record time.

-Went to J. Edgar with Winston, Steve, Chase, and Nakita.  Nakita and I may or may not have taken naps during the movie.  But it was fun to go with everyone.  Plus, we got home at 1am and felt like total rebels.


Utah @ Arizona

Final Score:  34-21

Dawson and I decided that we are bad luck at away games, so we didn't go to this one.  Oh yeah, and I had to work a night shift on Saturday so that kind of kept us from going too.

I had to leave for work at half time so I didn't get to watch the second half.  Luckily enough we were ahead by quite a bit by the time I had to leave so I wasn't too stressed out.  Officially 2-4 in the PAC-12!


Sarah's Key

Ashlyn read Sarah's Key and told me it was a must read.  She let me borrow it and I literally read it in one day.  Now, I am the girl who stayed up til 7am so I could finish reading Harry Potter 7 the first day it came out, so this isn't unusual for me.  But it IS a really good book.

Ash saw that it was playing at the Broadway Theaters so after 3 weeks of trying to find a night when we both weren't busy (oh the joys of working life), we planned our date night.  The movie followed the book pretty closely, although a few parts were left out.  There might have been some tears shed, and I will say that overall we were satisfied.  

Also very satisfied with the fact that we FINALLY got together.  We have a history of living together, leaving for class at the same time, talking to each other on the drive to school, sitting in the back of EVERY class together for 2 years straight, as well as texting on an hourly basis while at work or other activities that require us to be apart.  So this whole not seeing each other for 3 weeks thing doesn't fly.  Don't know what I'd do without my GF who is pretty much the exact same person as me.


San Francisco

San Fran has a very special place in my heart... because it's where Dawson and I got engaged of course.  I was so stoked that we were spending our
3 month 
anniversary there.  We had less than 24 hours, but we are amazing (and dawson is amazing with directions) and were able to see a lot of the city and go almost everywhere we went the day we got engaged (minus the place where we actually GOT engaged) without a car.

We ALSO got to go all these places with Ashley!  I adore Ashley... Some of my best memories of my life include this girl.  I promise you, you will not meet someone who is more fun or who can make you laugh as much as her.  You will also never meet someone that you'd rather be lost in the wilderness with... the girl is fearless and savage, give her a spear and you will never go hungry.

Ash's roommate Danielle tagged along with us too



Halloweeeeen Bust

Oh Halloween.  This year we were quite lacking in Halloween spirit.  We did start off strong, carving pumpkins early in the month.  However, what's usually a weekend full of parties and dressing up (which I love to do), this year consisted of football games, me being deathly ill, me working while being deathly ill, then me passing on my deathly illness to my husband.

Literally the scariest thing that happened last week happened while I was laying on the couch, wallowing in misery.  I watched a GINORMOUS spider crawling on the wall, getting closer and closer to me, almost close enough to make me think about getting up, when finally my superhero husband came home just in the nick of time and killed it.  So glad I married that man.

I feel that my enthusiasm in years past has made up for this years lacking costumes.  Here are my favs of recent years:

Here's one last keeper for ya.  Husband dressed up as wife last year (although at the time I wasn't even "girlfriend").

I guess I'll have another whole year to think up some great costumes for the two of us next year.


Utah vs. Oregon State

Final Score: 27-8


We won!  First PAC-12 win, finally.  Feels soooo good.

Blair and Diana were able to make it to the game!  
So glad to see them supporting the Utes!

That is my big brother above.
And yes I witnessed him doing the 
"raise the roof"
sign to the crowd.
He can try to deny it all he wants.

Dawson got mad at me after the game.  
I was being too bossy and not listening to his good ideas. 
As you can see, he was lecturing me and fake hugging me at first.  
Lucky for me I'm too sweet to stay mad at for long!  
Still in love :)