Ty's Bday Dinner

We went out to PF Chang's for Ty's birthday dinner/Gael's going away dinner.  We ordered Tofu Lettuce Wraps in Gael's honor which weren't half bad.  We're going to miss Gael a lot (she's going back to Canada) but are expecting lots of visits.


Snow Cones

We went to get a snow shack today where 2 concerning things happened.

1- We found out they can no longer put cream on the snow cones because the Health Department deemed it unsanitary.  This just put a major damper on my summer snow cone eating habits.  We were lucky enough to have a carton of cream at home though so we hurried home to fix up our snow cones to top quality.

2- After we got in the car with our snow cones, I noticed a heart on Dawson's cup and realized that the teenage girl working the shack must have written it.  While I was prepared to put up a fight for my man, I figured a 16 year old wasn't too much competition so I let it slide this time.

Fan Fest

It was Fan Fest this past Saturday so we braved the scorching heat and took our nephew Taedon.  The kid is quite entertaining - we were never bored that's for sure!  On the car ride there he told us great stories about different kinds of garbage trucks, and about his little sister Monroe's "fantastic poops".

Taedon had a blast playing on the field and scoring touchdowns, the kid has so much energy!  We had so much fun taking him, although it was definite birth control for us.  We will now NEVER be having kids.

P.S. The band-aid wasn't from bad babysitting, he had that from a previous adventure to the park


Suga Momma

I'M SO EXCITED!  I just got a job as an RN at the Orthopedic Trauma and Surgical Specialties unit at the University of Utah hospital.  It's where I really wanted to work so I'm really lucky.  Glad to know practicing all those IV's paid off!


Big Bro

Happy birthday to my big brother Tyler!  I sure love my older brother, even though it took him going on a mission for us to really start getting along.  He pretty much tortured me all through elementary school and high school, so before the mission I have memories like:

  • Multiple fights that ended in me running upstairs to my room as fast as I could with him right on my heels, hoping I could make it to my room and shut/lock the door before he caught me
  • A permanent dead arm that lasted about 8 years straight
  • Rides on the back of his motorcycle... carrying all my books... in the WINTER... when he was supposed to be my ride to school
  • Him torturing one of my boyfriends by tying him to a chair in a dark room, holding a flashlight in his face, and interrogating him when we happened to show up at the same party
  • Tackling anybody I had a crush on that played football as hard as he could during football practice

Granted there are a few good memories, like him having infinite amounts of patience while teaching me how to wakeboard or sleeping in the same room as me on Christmas Eve so we could wake up together at 6am on Christmas.  But after his mission, when he was soooo much more mature, was when we really became best friends.  

Ty has given me great advice over the years and has been there for me through some hard times (like bringing me my favorite ice cream after I had a bad break-up, or watching movies with me after he BROKE MY NOSE and I was too bruised and damaged to leave the house for weeks).  I love him and couldn't imagine how boring life would be without a older brother like him.  Happy birthday Ty!


Being Outdoorsy

Before school started we were trying to take advantage of the good weather and be super outdoorsy, so we went on a few hikes.  We were feeling pretty good about ourselves on the first one until four people at least 60+ years passed us as they were running up the trail, while we were out of breath walking up it.  Talk about a blow to our self esteems.  Kylie came with us once and we took Max on a short hike, which left him so exhausted he couldn't even keep his head up.  He is 82 in dog years though, so I guess that's excusable.  He loved playing in the waterfall, which made me happy that he is enjoying his last years of life (We can't talk about that though or I'll start crying).


Wedding Season

I'm not sure if it's just because we're getting older or if me and Dawson just started a trend, but there have been weddings galore this summer.  We're very glad of it though because now we have more married friends to hang out so we can pretend we're still really cool and social.

The first wedding we went to as a married couple was Jeff Sorensen, who I've been friends with since 10th grade, and Liz Newton's.  It is soooo nice being on the other end of things, having all the wedding day stress over with and actually being able to EAT the reception food instead of watching everyone else.  They had a beautiful outdoor wedding at Liz's Uncle's house, and their red velvet cake was UH-MAZING.

The next wedding was Jane Garner and Richie Harman.  They had their reception aka dance party at Market Street Grill.  Jane was an avid DG and there were lots of Delta Gamma's there to support her.  Since I've been alumni for 2 years now (crazy/sad how old I am), it was fun seeing everyone again since I don't get to see them weekly anymore.

Lastly is Chase Nicol and Nakita Rimal's wedding.  We were lucky enough to go to their temple and ring ceremonies, and their gorgeous reception at Rose Sach's.  Dawson has known Chase for years and even though I haven't known them as long, we both think they are perfect for each other and we're SO stoked that they live fairly close to us so we'll hopefully see them a lot (and hopefully at their place rather than ours because theirs is twice as big as our cozy home).

The boys decorating the WRONG car


T & J are home!

Two of my favorite cousins got home recently from their missions.  Trevor was in Columbus, Ohio and Jason was in Columbia, South Carolina, both Spanish speaking.  I can't believe it's been two years!  They left in a whirlwind, it was absolutely crazy.  They got their calls when I was in Europe, I had to listen in on the phone at about 3 am my time.  I got back a few days later made it to their farewell, and they ended up leaving that same week.  So they left about a week after they got their calls, it was nuts.  Only their mom, Lynita, is an amazing enough person to pull that off.

Me and the twins were best friends growing up.  I would sleep over at their house and we'd play video games like "Battle Toads" (don't knock it til you try it) and "Twisted Metal".  Is that normal for a 10 year old girl?  Lake Powell trips with them were the best too, going lizard hunting and making sand traps for people to fall in.  And of course, going to all the Utah games with our family while my Grandpa was coaching.

Now that they're home Trevor is going to BYU and Jason is going to the U, but I don't think it will divide the family TOO much.  We know Trevor is still a Utah football fan, especially because Jason is playing football for the Utes starting next year!  Both boys are phenomenal football players, and it's been a blast watching them play throughout the years.

It's so exciting that the twins are finally home, there was definitely something missing at family parties without them.  They are so much fun and are the life of the party, especially during family dance off's.  I'm glad we have a few months with the whole family together before the next missionary (my little brother Alex) goes out.  I'm so proud of the twins for serving missions, they're awesome boys - and officially on the market single ladies!



We came across $15 off Lagoon tickets and we decided to take advantage and go on a day date.  Dawson hadn't been to Lagoon since he was about 12 so there were a lot of new rides for him.  I was so excited especially because we're both huge fans of roller coasters, and I love rides that spin and make me feel like throwing up (Daw isn't quite as big of fan of those ones but he humored me).


We went on a few mellow rides, like the Ferris Wheel, but we really just roller coaster hopped.  Dawson was a little disappointed in Colossus because it wasn't as scary as he remembered it being as a boy of 12.  Our favorite one was the old white Roller Coaster, partially because the whole time we were terrified that it was going to fall apart underneath us.

You cannot describe those last pictures as anything else other than sheer joy.  We had so much fun, especially after realizing we were celebrating our 3-week anniversary (woot  woot)!  I'm going to be so so sad when Dawson has to go back to school and I (hopefully) start my full time job.  It's so fabulous being able to do whatever we want and just hang out with each other.  Real life as a grown-up is just not as fun.


Tim McGraw

We went on our first "married couple" date this weekend to the Tim McGraw concert.  The lucky couple we went with was my BFF from 7th grade, Brittany (Johnson) Snow and her hubby Matt (aka Mountain).  They got married 2 years ago and so far we're the only 2 from our group of friends married, which in Utah is kinda crazy. So we decided we need to bond together in married life.

I was soooo excited for the concert, and Tim sure didn't disappoint.  He sang tons of classic hits, and I was so happy when I heard Dawson's voice singing along with me to the classic "Where the Green Grass Grows" (I can't ever get Dawson to sing in the car with me, so this was very unexpected).  It was so much fun, maybe even the second best night of the summer, the first being our wedding, of course.

We saw our other friends there, the one and only Caitlin Roundy and the soon the be married Jane Garner.  Caitlin used her sexuality to get two ticket upgrades, so they didn't sit by us.  Thanks to Caitlin they got to be in seats that were super close to Tim, who has recently been working out and was looking verryyy good in his tight jeans.

After the concert and the usual awful USANA traffic, we went to Yogurtland (which was thankfully open til midnight) and got the best fro yo ever.  Matt entertained us for quite some time, telling us all about his new favorite show, Teen Wolf.  It was such a fun night, and I can't wait for many more date nights to come!


Mr. & Mrs. Kent!

We are officially married now (actually, today is our two week anniversary, wahoo) which means I can now have a blog!  I have no idea HOW to blog so that might present a little bit of a problem, but I'm determined to figure it out.  Anyways, we got married on Thursday, July 21st 2011 and it really was the best day ever.  After that, we were off to our honeymoon in Belize for a week and now we are playing house in our little home up by the U.  It's quite cozy but we love it.  Now I just need to figure out how to put pictures up so I can start being a legit blogger!