currently loving...

currently loving:
going to trader joes 3x a week
eating red mango for dinner
fresh flowers in our cute house
the peony i'm trying to grow in a flower pot
the sun being up long after i'm off work
going for evening walks at the park
the weather finally warming up a little bit
our puppy dash (as always)
and last but not least...
dawson finishing his last paper EVER of his college career! see ya never library!



not pictured: husbands
we have been so awesome at going on date night lately.
last weekend was even a TRIPLE date with our favs, the snows and the newlywed ALLENS!
britt and i had been craving stella's goat cheese and honey appetizer,
(we have this odd obsession with goat cheese. sounds weird, tastes delicious)
so that's were we went.
would you think i'm lying if i told you all 3 of us girls ordered the exact same thing
WITHOUT talking about what we were ordering beforehand?
coincidence? i think not. best friends since BHS is more like it!

after that we went to see the new jackie robinson movie, 42.
caitlin and johnny had seen it the night before, but that didn't stop them from seeing it again.
they were just THAT inspired by jackie. and can you blame them?
we thought the movie was so so good.
good enough that we ourselves were inspired to go to the ballpark the next day!

we hit up none other than BHS with my dad, uncle freddie and alex.
after a game of flys up (where i was greatly disappointed in my catching skills) we had batting practice.
alex hit a homerun, dawson and the old guys ALMOST hit home runs...
and i barely hit it out of the infield (i know, it was embarrassing to me too).
what was even MORE embarrassing was the next day when dawson asked me,
"hey miss, uh, are you sore at all today?"
i wasn't going to be the first one to say that my shoulders, arms, and abs hurt so bad i thought i was dying,
but since HE brought it up....
for the next two days we had to refrain from laughing because our abs hurt so bad.
and of course for some reason the next two days we were the funniest we'd ever been,
which made it even harder not to laugh.

moral of the story?
our bodies are aging at an exponential rate, and everyone should go see the movie 42.


shanghai part 2

silk factory

doesn't that ^^^ look like a fun job? 
picking bugs out of silk all day = FUN

 (another) chinese lunch

chinese garden

this was some sort of special house/garden that had a name...
however i don't remember it since this was 4 months ago.
just know it was some place important and cool.


do i know what that ^^ is?
does it possibly look like dead bats?

suzhou is called the "venice of the east"
it was about an hour or two from shanghai, but it was night and day different.
shanghai had skyscrapers and taxis, and suzhou had canals and gondolas
how cute are the chinese babies?!
that's the only thing i wanted to take home,
but for some reason dawson wouldn't let me.
and i'm not sure i could have gotten it through customs.

gondola ride

dawson's conversation with the chinese gondola driver:

dawson: can i take a turn driving?
chinese lady: oh no no no no...
dawson: i'm a good driver, i promise!
chinese lady: oh no no no, not safe, you can not, i sorry...
dawson: how about if i give you a dollar?

and you can see what happened:

chinese public transit

i have to say, the public transportation in china 
was not even close to as stinky as the tube in london

the fake market

we spent 6 hours shopping in the fake market. it was the most fun yet exhausting thing of my life.
we got awesome stuff, but it took FOREVER to bargain your way down to a reasonable price.
they would literally start things out at 10x the price it should be,
so you would have to argue with them for 20 minutes before you could agree on a price.
some of my favorite phrases from the chinese workers:

"how you ask that price? that impossible!"
"we are friends, i give this price for you."
"what your lowest price?"
"ok ok, final price. shhh!"

they would make us type our final price into a calculator 
so other customers wouldn't hear if we were getting a cheaper price than them.
us girls did a pretty amazing job if you ask us.
if you ask our husbands they might give you a different answer.
(those duffle bags at our feet are the bags we had to buy to haul our stuff home!)

bobby the monkey

we found this little monkey outside our restaurant.
dawson is convinced him and dash would have been best friends.
don't worry, i didn't come back with lice.

hot pot dinner

we went to a restaurant that was similar to the melting pot, but a million times cheaper.
we had heard the food and service was great, however...
not ONE word of the menu was in english.
not ONE worker in the restaurant spoke english.
and none of us spoke a lick of chinese besides our two go-to phrases.
so needless to say, we were very happy when our food came out and was edible.
some of it was even delicious!
and trying to communicate with our chinese waiters was probably one of the funniest things of the trip.
nicole was a pro at acting out all of the food items we were wanting to order.
cheers to the best china group ever!!!!

and that is the end of our china trip
(besides the 36 hours it took to go from shanghai to beijing to LA to las vegas to salt lake)
it was an amazing trip with great friends, and we are lucky we were able to do it.
but now we're moving on to new countries... out with asia, in with south america!

if you wanna see pics of our other adventures in china, here they are: