9 Months

9 month anniversary!

If we were having a honeymoon baby, I would be as big as a house right now.  Thank the heavens we aren't... but crazy that we've been married long enough to have had a baby!  Although I do consider Dash my baby.

Time has flown by supa fast.  We are closing in on a year here people.  And don't worry, we are still going strong.  I'm confident in saying we are going to make it to our first real big anniversary (although I sure don't mind celebrating these little ones)!

Nope, I don't get sick of posting wedding day pics either!


Missy to the rescue!

My mom is out of town with Kylie so I invited the men in my family over for dinner since I realized they might starve without her.  It was a last minute idea, but my dinner turned out successful and the weather was even better.  Even Dash enjoyed some sunbathing, as well as watch dogging!  Oh and don't mind my church on top, comfy on bottom ensemble.

 P.S. What IS it with men and murdercycles???


Surviving til May 3rd...

When we HAVEN'T been working/studying/going to school/being grownups, we've been chillin with the homies as much as we can.  We are counting down the days til May 3rd when school is officially out so we can party hardy all the time!
 Please enjoy the following random scattering of pictures.

(FYI: That stunning couple pictured above is now ENGAGED!  Married Club, woop woop!)

(Family can be homies too FYI)


Happy Easter!

How lucky are we to get to celebrate Easter TWICE???

Diana threw a fabulous Easter on Saturday, starting off with a feast of a breakfast.  Then we had the Easter egg hunt.  Taedon and Monroe had a blast, it was so fun to watch them find eggs.  Those little kiddos are so dang cute, they make me consider even possibly having some of my own one day... maybe... in like 10 years or so.  

Ok but really though, how cute is Dash?  I don't think it's normal how obsessed I am with him.  Not only do I get giddy when I am coming home from work and get to see him, but I dream about him almost every night.  Maybe I shouldn't share that.

Anyway.... Probably the best part about this Easter was teaching my 5 and 6 year old boys in my primary class about the real meaning of Easter.  I wish you could have heard them tell me the story of Christ when I asked at the beginning of class (it included "Jesus bleeding in the Forest of God" and "big huge nails that the bad guys put in".  You can tell what sticks out in the minds of little boys).  But after the lesson, I think they came away with what was important.  At least I hope so.  Either way, they got candy for being reverent.

 After church we had the Whittingham Easter at Brady's house.  I feel very sad and depressed about something though.  I literally ate so much food and was in so much of a food coma, that I put myself out of commission.  You may think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not.  This really is embarrassing to me.  
But if you want to see all the fun my family had without me, then watch this video:

None the less, I enjoyed everyone's company from the couch and had a good time watching them be fun without me.  Dawson and I are so grateful for our families.  I love both of our families so much, we're so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives.  If there was a family lottery, we won it hands down.



Say Hello to KSL's newest intern!

Ashley is absolutely THE smartest, hardest working girl that I know, and nobody deserves this more.  She really is the whole package.  I mean, look how drop dead gorgeous she is too!

But the BEST thing about her getting the KSL internship is....


So what if it's only for the summer - I'll take it!  This summer was just guaranteed to be the most fun, hilarious, and full of adventure summer of my life (Ashley could BE Katniss FYI, don't let her beauty fool you, she is savage).  
I can't even wait!


Baby Crew

Brittany's baby shower was a blast, and I am pretty sure baby Crew is going to be the best dressed babe around.  But I have to point out this fact as well:

I don't think a cuter pregnant woman has ever walked this earth.

But seriously, is she not just adorable?

Matt and Brittany are going to be amazing parents, and you can bet I am going to be one amazing godmother (which I am self designating myself).  I absolutely cannot wait for baby Crew to get here!!!