our love story

this is our love story from the very beginning.

day 1:  eyes meet on the senior ramp at brighton high school
day 2-643: became experts at flirting in the halls while dating everyone except each other
day 644:  signed each other's year books and predicted the future
day 910:  first date to noodles and co.
day 924:  first "first" kiss and the start of N.C.M.O.'s (non-committal make-outs)
day 1393:  goodbyes are said for 2 years
day 1395:  dawson leaves on a mission to peru
day 2149:  elder kent returns with honor
day 2150:  reunited!!!
day 2177:  second "first" kiss
day 2205:  officially boyfriend and girlfriend for the first time
day 2284:  "i love you" & "i love you too"
day 2399:  dawson proposes and missy says "YES!"
day 2519:  married for time and all eternity
day 2710:  dash is adopted into the family

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