happy three years!

i can not believe that we have been married 


time has just flown by.

we celebrated our anniversary weekend by taking a break from the house.
we went out to an indian dinner for two reasons,
1- because we love indian food and we went out for indian last year too
2- because it was the only place we could think of to go at 7pm on a friday night,
that wouldn't be packed with a two hour wait.

then up for a night in park city, 
staying at the same place we did for our first anniversary.

hot tubbing, relaxing, movie watching, 
treat eating, a breakfast buffet, and park silly.

it was a great time celebrating all that has happened the past three years.
no marriage is perfect, but i think we have been able to make ours a little better every day.

when i think back to over three years ago 
and the enormous decision we made to get married for forever,
i really do get a little emotional.

if you know me at all, you know that i am terrible at making decisions.

crunchy or creamy peanut butter?
do i get the black boots or the brown?
where do i want to go out to eat tonight?
what color grey should we paint the wall?

all pretty much impossible for me to decide.

even cafe rio still gives me anxiety
(question upon question with an spanish accent… nightmare).

but when i think back to the question of marrying dawson,
i can honestly say it is one of the few questions that i have been able to answer 
without a doubt in my mind.

i love that boy and am so grateful every day that i am lucky enough to be married to him.

happy anniversary to us!


the "before" pictures...

ok people, be prepared to be very nervous for us.
when you see the before pictures of our house, i can just hear you all saying,
"what were they thinking?!?!"

but that's just because you don't have our "vision".
i had to explain the "vision" to my mom too, when we first saw the house.
don't worry, it all turned out ok and she loves it.

now here it is, it all her carpeted and wallpapered glory:

front room
^your first view as you walk in the front door

^front door and coat closet

^the big front room window with the beautiful old curtains

^and everything was coated in this wallpaper

the hallway
^ i actually love these hall closets, they are so great for storage!

the master bedroom
^stunning green carpet with our air mattress

^ nice little cedar "his and her" closets
^ and this wallpaper i ALMOST wanted to keep… almost.

the extra room
^more of the same green carpet and double closets 

the dining room
^now tell me you don't love that wallpaper

the kitchen
^ check out those linoleum floors!
i mean, really, did we even need to remodel this?

the laundry room

the bathroom
^ why yes, that IS carpet in the bathroom

^ that color scheme though… so lovely

extra goodies
^these are vents were actually really cool

^ that little pulley on the top of the door played the cutest little song.
i'm not sure what it was used for, but we listened to it every once in awhile

^ a paper towel holder in the kitchen! why did i think this was so cool?
i almost had dawson convinced to put it in the new kitchen, but i guess there was "no room".

so there you have it.

our first home.

now be prepared to see a lot of updates…
it's not finished, but will it ever be?
(i haven't even put up any pics of the basement, and that's half the house!)
every day i add more and more projects to my list.
just wait and see!


where are the kents?


have you been wondering where we are?
(probably not, but lets pretend)
did you think we died? went into hiding in our new house? got lost at sea in hawaii?

no, no, no.

but here is the truth.

blogging is hard.
blogging in the summer is even harder.
but blogging in the summer during a remodel, family vacays, and moving?


i have the daunting task of "catching up" ahead of me.
i can't make any promises but i'll try my best.