utah @ arizona

score 24-35

i rushed home from work to catch the game (and by home i mean to my parents house since they have a bigger tv).  the rices, nicols, and millers were already there with dawson to watch the game with us. 

the boys were so inspired that at halftime they went outside to have their own football game.  they only played for about 20 minutes but when they came back they filled the room with the stench of their sweaty bodies. 

poor hubbies, getting so stinky after such a short game.  poor wives, having to deal with the combined stinky sweat of 4 boys.  and poor utes, because they lost and it was very very sad. 

but thankfully my parents had leftover little ceasars and ice cream in their fridge because almost nothing can make me feel better than cold pizza and some haagen dazs.


utah vs stanford

score 27-21


i'm not lying when i say that i have had a good feeling about this game since before the season started.
i have faith in the utes and my pops and i even thought we could be 6-0 at this point
(which if a few plays had gone differently, we most certainly could be).

dawson and i were twins, which seeing as we got ready together you might think was planned,
but it actually was completely by coincidence.

all the cousins were cheering jason, coach whitt, and the utes on.
jason was a beast as always.
he dislocated his kneecap during the game and after getting it taped up, went right back out on the field.
he was definitely the MVP in our mind!

after the game and field celebration were over, we didn't want the party to end.
so we headed to in-n-out for another victory meal!
all i'm going to say is if we keep having huge wins like this,
you might be seeing our waistlines expand... but it'll be worth it!!!


hey punkin

we decided we just HAD to get our pumpkins from a legit pumpkin patch this year.
i mean, how else could we be expected to carve legit pumpkins?
never mind the fact that we were the only people there without little kids.  nbd.
because we are now officially in full out halloween spirit!


utah vs ucla

score: 27-34

the blackout game.

we have had some good success with the blackout in the past, but not this year.
our 2 losses this season have been heart-wrenching, down to the wire games.
we stayed with the #12 team in the nation all the way to the end, even with 6 (yes 6) interceptions.
while "almost" doesn't count, it sure has made us proud of our utes!

i was somehow scheduled to work a day shift which means i should get off work about 7:30pm,
which was cutting it pretty close to the 8:00pm kick-off time.
of course it was a crazy day so i didn't get off til exactly 8, so dawson picked me up and drove like a maniac to get us there.

i was lucky enough however, to take care of a patient that day who was the biggest ute fan in the hospital.
he came up from surgery and the first thing he told me was to find his ute blanket.
and then told me how devastated he was that he wouldn't make it to the game that night.
when he found out i was going to the game and that i had a little bit of a connection to the utes, 
he was thrilled and insisted his wife take a picture of us.
i don't want to get in trouble with HIPPA though, so i had to do a little editing.
however it is an uncanny resemblance.

no, football isn't everything.
but to me and this guy, it is pretty dang important!!!



{ i guess you can tell that dash, food, and work out clothes are my favorite things, seeing as that's all the month of september consisted of }


utah @ byu

score: 20-13

see ya in two, kewgers!!!!

the rivalry is taking a few years hiatus and i couldn't be happier.
am i happy because we don't have to deal with the drama of rivialry week for awhile?
or happy because we have won the last
and byu has to come to terms with the fact that the utes totally dominate them?!
probably both.

(but will they come to terms with it? no. they will continue to whine and say that they are the best blah blah blah.)

we had the best looking cheering section in the stadium.
and while it was hard to hear us over all the boo's of the byu fans, we still did a pretty good job.
grandma nancy decided not to wear her headdress, but she managed to put together a stellar outfit.

we had to cheer extra loud any time they had to announce a tackle by "jason whittingham" 
(which happened quite often)!
jason is becoming quite the player and we love being his fan club.

and of course we had to do the traditional in-n-out meal after the victory.
my dad was in such a good mood that he bought gordon monson and PK
(who were devastated that their predictions of a byu win were incredibly wrong - typical life of a byu fan)
and even some members of the byu student body burgers and fries.
i must say, a cheeseburger animal and strawberry shake have never tasted so good.

we are so proud of the coaches and the players for all the hard work they put in for each and every game,
but we are especially proud of coach whit.
win or lose, all us whittinghams are his biggest fans!