Pheasant Hunting

For Dawson's birthday he went pheasant hunting with Blair and Andrew.  While I don't condone hunting, Dawson said that this was one of the funnest things he's done in his life.  I shed a tear when he sent me the pictures of the dead birds.    


To make myself feel a little better I just started calling Dawson "Gale" and pretended that we were living in the Hunger Games and he was hunting for our survival.

When he got home he proudly handed me the packaged up pheasant meat that they had shot just that day.  For some reason he thinks that it's going to make a great crockpot meal.  Excuse me while I go throw up a little bit.


His Party

Birthday Lunch at Cheesecake Factory

Dawson wanted to make his birthday as insignificant as possible, which made planning a party for him hard. I wanted to fly us out to Hawaii and celebrate on the beach, he wanted to stay in just us and watch a movie.  We compromised on having our friends over to his parents house for desserts and games.  But because I am stubborn, I snuck in singing happy birthday to him and made him blow out candles.  It WAS his birthday after all.

We also had the Kent Family party that Sunday.  I didn't get any pictures, but 4 year old Taedon did!  He was the photographer for the event, and I'd say he did a pretty good job (I did have to delete about 20 pictures of the floor, but I think he shows promise)


6 month Anniversary

We have been married for 6 months today.
Time flies.

Marriage has been the best adventure in my life so far.  I've learned a lot about myself, and even more about Dawson.  Here are some things the past 6 months have taught us about life, marriage, and each other.

  • Laundry and dishes NEVER END
  • Being the first to say sorry is not very fun, but sometimes necessary  (especially when you don't think it's your fault)
  • Dawson is a super star dish washer and trash taker outer
  • I am not a super star cook (but I'm getting better!)
  • Working full time makes you appreciate any time spent with your spouse
  • Dawson never leaves his clothes on the floor.  Ever.  It's freaky.
  • I actually CAN keep a house clean... for a few days at a time
  • We can survive without having cable television despite our childhood TV watching habits
  • Dawson is a good grown up- he knows about insurance, stocks, budgeting, finances, etc. (What I know about that stuff is about equivalent to my knowledge of the mating habits of African Elephants)
  • Family ward sacrament meetings are a lot louder than Single Ward's
  • Talking things out accomplishes a lot more than the silent treatment
  • It's still possible to learn something completely new about the other person even after knowing each other for 7 years and being married for 6 months.  Lucky for me, every new thing I find out about my husband only makes me fall even more in love with him.


Happy Birthday Husband!!!!

Happy birthday to my handsome hubby!
He is FINALLY 23 yrs old.
Remember, I'm robbing the cradle, cuz I've already been 23 for awhile now.

I don't know how I got so lucky to have found a husband that was so perfect for me.  He is the best friend I've EVER had.  My favorite thing in the world is coming home to him every day, and I can't imagine anything more fun than being with him for the rest of forever.


MLK Weekend

It was a 3 day weekend for both of us, whoop whoop!
And actually I got the blessed 4:30 am call on Tuesday morning saying that they didn't need me at work so...
4 day weekend for me!

The boys weren't lucky enough to get a picture (they actually refused), but we went to Brick Oven Pizza with Matt and Britt on Friday.  We ate our weight in pizza, and I ate double my weight in the Ranch I had with it.
Oh my, it was UH-mazing.  

Kylie had a cheer competition on Saturday afternoon, which of course they took 1st place.  I taught her everything she knows.

Happy Birthday Ryan Barlow!  Nicole threw him a surprise birthday party which turned out very successful... either that or Ryan is a very good actor.

 We ran boring errands like going to the DMV and Costco (although lets be honest, Costco is actually a fun errand), 
so we rewarded ourselves with brunch at Park Cafe.

We ALSO went and looked at puppies, because ALL I want for my birthday in 2 1/2 weeks is a puppy.  Although as you might have noticed I am not blogging about having a puppy right now.  I think Dawson was just playing a cruel joke on me because we didn't end up getting one.  I won't give up though, I will pester the heck out of him until I am holding my own puppy in my arms.


Last week's randoms

I'm lucky my husband will run errands with me.  I'm not so lucky that he wanders off and finds giant spoons that he thinks we need to buy.

We went to cousin Kaela's cheer competition in Provo... Hello big hair and blinged out clothing.  Every body's jeans, belts, and purses were bedazzled.  And yes, this lady sat in front of us and this was her real hairstyle.

Nielsen's, my Mexican best friend, and my sweet mother.
What's not to like about this picture?