(ok so maybe i mostly take pictures of dash, don't judge me)


awesome and awkward

awesome... my hilarious prank i always pull on dawson which involves turning on the hot water or flushing the toilet anytime he is in the shower
awkward... dawson finally taking revenge and chasing me down and tossing me in the shower with him - while i was fully clothed

awesome... we finally got cable!
awkward... the only reason we did was for football season. but it is so worth it.

awesome... daw and i spur of the moment going to do sealings at the temple
awkward... joining a group of old people, not one person a day under 90, who come to do sealings at the temple every tuesday (we were the only ones who stayed awake the whole time)

awesome... working with my favorite friend megan at work this week
awkward... the curse of us working together - we always end up with patients that poop everywhere

awesome... me being super wife and making dinners every single weeknight the past 2 weeks
awkward... the beef stroganoff i made last night. while it was good, i didn't realize the recipe was for an army. if anyone likes beef stroganoff, come on over to our place and bring all your friends, and your extended family, and all the members of your ward, and anyone you see around downtown that looks hungry!

awesome... our late night molca salsa run with nakita and chase
awkward...  the fact that they changed the name from "molca salsa" to "hector's". lame.

awesome... the utah-byu game. seriously. so awesome.
awkward... our fans rushing the field almost costing us the game (but MUSS peeps, i don't even care! you are still the best fans in da nation, i love you!)

awesome... me and my girlfriend ashlyn taking our pups for walks together
awkward... going with our "comfy" clothes on and people thinking we are a real lesbian couple (which we actually have no problem with)

awesome... nakita and chase watching the dasher boy for us this weekend
awkward... how nervous of a momma i am to leave him and how much i'm going to miss him!

awesome.... we are getting our iPhone 5's today!
awkward... the difference in our emotions about this. dawson is like a little boy that's been waiting for Christmas ever since they announced it and can hardly contain his excitement. i feel like i am losing my best friend, and replacing it with an upgraded one that i know nothing about and is much smarter than me. RIP blackberry.


utah vs. byu

score:  24- 21
        24- 21
        24- 21

all i can say is i'm glad this game is over and we can move on to conference play.
i had gotten so worked up for this game, my stress level was at an all time high.
it didn't help that i worked a night shift friday, so i had all night to think about the game.
my patients probably thought i was a nut job because i'd ask all of them who they thought was going to win and then i'd have to tell them why they were wrong when some said byu.

since it was good luck last home game, we went to the ute walk then went over to the family tailgate.
(i also wore my good luck shirt and headband, call me superstitious if you want)
ashley, sam, and rachel came in town for the game so it was a bigger whittingham crew than usual!
the only problem was i was too nervous to eat.
and you KNOW i was nervous if i could pass up amazing food.

the game was everything it always is.
stressful, questionable calls, personal fouls, byu almost turning it over but getting lucky bounces everytime....
i feel bad for everyone who was sitting by me, because i WAS that fan
who never stopped screaming, cheering on the defense, yelling at the refs, or ever even sat down.
i'm so embarrassed for myself, but i can't help it.
i was very disappointed that we blew our 17 point lead in the third quarter,
mostly because it set up the chaos that was the end of the game.
we won though (three times), and that is ALL that matters!

after all the locker room partying, dad's radio show, playing on the field, and family celebration,
we went to the pie pizzeria because we were STARVING.
we sure love the pie, but it also happened to be the only place open at 2 in the morning.
and lets be honest, this game comes once a year so we had to enjoy the night as long as possible.

while i could make many opinionated comments about the game, i will refrain.
(although trust me, i could make many)
because even though we've won 8 out of the last 11 years,
i do remember very vividly each game that we have lost.
and i remember all the byu fans that made rude comments to me or my family after.
and i would never want to be anything like a whiny, rude, obnoxious byu fan.
nobody likes those guys.
besides, it's time to move onto the teams that actually matter.
arizona state this week, bring em on!!!



state fair x2

we were the mvp's of the state fair this year!

our first night we went hardcore with our friends.
or should i say the WIVES went hardcore!
since it was family night it was "buy one, get one" ride pass so of course we all got it.
the hubbies wussed out after about 5 rides,
but us girls sure got their money's worth!

i laughed so hard with the chicas on the gravitron that i couldn't breath.
(all the blood that was rushing to my head might have had something to do with it too)
we flipped upside down because we couldn't be outdone by the 12 year olds in their with us.
afterwards we were REALLY feeling our age....
but it was definitely a ride that bonded us girls for life.

and what better way to celebrate andy's birthday than a night at the fair?!
so off we were again with the kent family!

tae and roe impressed me by being completely FEARLESS on the rides.
they just couldn't get enough - taking right after their fav aunt.
if they had been a little taller, i think they would have gone on every ride.

and of course we couldn't leave the fair without getting something deep-fried.
we went to town on the funnel cake, devouring it in record time.
Mmmmmmm good.

it was another successful night at the fair, we already can't wait for next year!