Weekend in Vegas

Kylie had a cheer competition in Vegas this past weekend and since it was ALSO her 14th birthday, it was decided that we had to go.  Lucky for us Rachel and Sam were in town and came too.  We had to celebrate Kylie, so we partied, pulled "all-nighters", bowled, went to the movies, rode roller coasters, ate at too many buffets (and ate too much pizza for breakfast), shopped, and of course cheered Kylie on in her competition where she KILLED IT!


New York New York Rollercoaster... they let us ride twice for free!


dash diaries

Dash and I were playing in the snow while Dawson was changing out the tires on the cars.  Dash kept sneaking over to Dawson and stealing the lug nuts without him noticing, making Dawson search all over and think he was losing his mind.  
I'm not gonna lie, I didn't feel the need to tell him for awhile.

Oh and today is very special... We've had Dash for exactly 1 month. Happy anniversary to us!


Jazz Game

My dad invited us to go to the Jazz game, but Dawson was too worried about our future and stuff to miss class to go.  Party pooper.  Therefore I had to eat enough food for the both of us at the buffet before, and cheer twice as loud during the game.  It was hard work but I did it.

Just FYI, after seeing Tony Parker in real life, I must say I was very surprised by how small and dorky he looked.  People Mag sure did a good job of making him look tall, big and handsome when he was married to Eva Longoria.  False advertising for sure.


While Husband's away...

Dawson went to Yellowstone with the Kent men to do the yearly snowmobiling trip.  This is the first time my husband has left me and I did not like it.  I won't lie, at first I was like, 

"Yay, I will play with the puppy and friends the whole time, this is going to be the best, I won't even miss him!"

By the first night he was gone I was already pining away for him.  I guess I'm more attached to that cute boy than I thought.  I did keep myself busy, and thanks to a thoughtful husband, great friends, amazing family and an adorable puppy, I survived the past 4 days without having an emotion breakdown.

How to Survive while your Husband is Gone
  • Go to dinner at Blue Lemon with your GF and old roomie (Mindi, Ash: this needs to happen more often)
  • Have an amazing husband who sends you flowers and treats
  • Go shopping and get your nails done with your mother-in-law (Diana's the best!)
  • Go to a Going Away party (We'll miss ya Whit!)
  • Have a fab Mom who babysits your puppy, but puts diapers on him
  • Get desserts at the Dodo with a good friend (cute Nakita Nicol!)
  • Talk to your husband as much as possible and fill him in on every little thing that has happened since he left
  • Have your puppy play with his best doggy friend to tire him out
  • Go to the busiest day of work ever that lasts 15 hours
  • Visit your darling Sister-in-Law, niece, and nephew with your puppy and chat non-stop for 4 hours (Thanks for the pizza too Jen, love you XOXO)
  • Go to a birthday party with your husband's friends, who are really now your friends, and eat desserts and play charades (where the girls team wins)

I'm so happy my husband is home and I've decided to never let him go anywhere without me EVER again.


Thug Life

We've decided while Dash is cute when he's fluffy, he is NOT cute when he's wet.  He closely resembles a rat from The Secret of NIMH.  
Poor thing.

When it was determined that Dash couldn't see because he had too much hair growing in front of his eyes, instead of wasting money on a groomer (who needs them!) I decided to try my hand at dog grooming.  I took quite a chunk out of Dash's eyebrow.  But now he looks like a thug, and I think he kind of likes it.


Lover Day

Yes I hand-crafted that beauty.  Unfortunately my epic plan to hang it up all of February failed and it ended up being hung on Valentines Day afternoon.  Oops.

For our Valentine's Day dinner Dawson let me satisfy my new obsession with Thai food so we went to Sawadee.  We decided we will now be going there lots more.

Thanks to my wonderful Dad, we got to go to the Lady Antebellum concert that night!
I love love love going to concerts with my husband.  It is one of the only times he comes out of his conservative shell and will dance, sing, cheer, and plain old rock out with me.

Thompson Square was the first opening act, which I loved because Dawson used to sing "Are you gonna kiss me or not" to me all the time when we were engaged.  And we both LOVED Darius Rucker.  He was THE best opening act I've ever seen.  We would have been content if he was the whole show (although Lady A was still amazing).

And guess who else came to the concert?  Andrew and Jen!  We sat right across from them so we had a great view of them dancing the night away.  Jen even got her dance moves on the jumbo-tron!  So legit.

Valentine's Day was a complete success.  Our date was so much fun, and I fell even more in love with my husband.  Luckiest girl in the world?  I think so.


dash diaries

I will admit, I'm a little obsessed.  So I'm just forewarning you, if you're sick of the puppy already then just skip reading this post.

Dash prefers to be snuggled during car rides.  However my driving skills are questionable when he's on my lap, so I force him to sit by himself when I drive alone and he gives me crusty looks the whole time.

Dash makes friends when we go to the park... this day he made best friends with 2 huge labs.  I wish I had taken a picture of them all playing fetch together, it was so cute!

A classic before and after the park.  He gets all tuckered out.

Dawson and I have given up on working out... our exercise now consists solely of taking Dash to different parks.

My favorite thing about taking Dash for a walk is when he has to look up at me every ten seconds so I can tell him he's doing a good job at heeling. 

Dawson's favorite things to do with Dash are to play the balance game, making him "dance" (he finds this hilarious), or when he's done something naughty putting him in...

The "Box of Shame".  I find this to be cruel and terribly mean, and Dash certainly thinks so too. But after he pees in the house 3 times in one day I don't really mind him being in there.

Having a dog makes me realize how NOT ready we are for kids... somehow I think putting a child into a box of shame would be frowned upon.


Birthday week

Lucky for me, my birthday continued on after my actual birth DAY.  

For our girls dinner we celebrated both mine and Jenn's bdays.  We were adventurous and went to a Thai restaurant.  Brittany and Caitlin were sketched out, however after dinner Caitlin said she liked it as long as she wasn't puking in the toilet that night (and don't worry, she wasn't).

I also had my Kent family joint party with Monroe.  Taedon was kind enough to find us Princess crowns to wear for the night.  Sweet Diana made my favorite meal and we have a shopping day planned, and Andrew and Jen gave me a LuLu lemon gift card (which Jen and I will go use next week..)!  I love my in-laws!  And might I add, I have the cutest nieces and nephew EVER.