Utah @ CAL

Final score:  10-34

Such a bizarre game.  It felt weird from the start, playing at a baseball stadium.  I'm not sure what is wrong with our offense, but it's so frustrating that I don't even want to get into it.  UGH.  At least Dawson looks cute in his new glasses.

It was SO fun having Colin and Jamie come to the game though!  Presley and Maybelle just get cuter every day, and we're so sad we don't live in California with them.  Don't worry that Jamie and I both used to be cheerleaders at the U, just not at the same time.  No big deal.  It's one of our many similar qualities that I consider to have pre-destined us to be BFF's.

Freddie's family came from Sacramento too, which was lucky cuz they got to say bye to Alex before he takes off to New Zealand.  Rachel is a great fan and has no qualms about screaming at the top of her lungs any thing she can think of that even semi-relates to the game.  I try all the time to persuade Ashley to transfer to Utah since we have such cute players she could hang out with....  I won't give up, I think I might be making a little progress.

And lastly, a cute shot of my brothers and dad, this is the last game Alex is going to before the mish :(


So long, Farewell

Alex's farewell was last Sunday, and just so you all know he did a FABULOUS job on his talk.  Even brought a tear to my eye.  He had many, many girls in the crowd who came to send him off.  I'm not gonna lie, my brother is a ladies man.  So girls, be sure to write him a lot the next two years!  I'm sure he'll appreciate packages as well as letters from males too.

Yes, I did make these myself.  Be impressed, it was my first try.

The last known picture with the infamous rat tail. 


Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving this year was quite successful, complete with:

  • Great friends
  • Fabulous desserts
  • Amazing artistic talent
  • Reminiscing of the boys of 2007 high school days

Our Harry Potter Pumpkin wasn't quite as impressive in the dark as it was in the light.  I was still very proud of it though.  It always seems that pumpkin carving is a lot harder to actually do (especially with that pathetic tiny pumpkin knife/saw they give you) than it is to imagine.  That paper outline in the book is VERY deceiving.


Utah vs. PITT

Final score: 26-14

We didn't go to the game this week because I had work and we also wanted to go to Jeff and Lauren's wedding.  The hubs and I stayed at my parents house with my little sister and watched the 10am game over there.  We were lucky enough to have Winston Harris grace us with his presence and watch the game with us, which turned out to be good luck because we won!  Of course it wasn't a conference game, but it was good to win and made baking all day for the farewell on Sunday a lot more enjoyable (yes, I can't cook but I can bake, and quite well might add).


Utah vs. Arizona State

Final Score: 35-14

This game felt a lot like last week's versus Washington... aka feeling pretty good in the first half and then miserable in the second because of turnovers.  Yuck.

The good part about this week was Uncle Freddie's tailgate!  He was in town for the game and held a tailgate party for his company McGraw-Hill, and let me tell you, Freddie knows how to throw a tailgate party.  There was more food than we knew what to do with, including UH-mazing garlic burgers which gave us UH-mazingly bad breath.

 One more good thing about this week, was Gael (Ty's girlfriend) was in town from Canada.  She came for the weekend because she had school off for Canadian Thanksgiving, whoop whoop!  She is so cute and it was fun being able to sit by her during the game.  Don't they make an adorable couple?



Daw has some great friends, and this week they planned a little date night.  We all went to Settabello's for pizza and then drooled over the gelato.  It was way fun, and we are highly encouraging Steve and Winston to join us and Nakita and Chase in married life ASAP (no pressure).



Since I haven't had much success with cooking lately I asked Dawson to help me one night.  He was a fantastic assistant and we ended  up making our favorite dinner yet, even though it was just a little burnt.

Doesn't the apron look fabulous on him?

Taylor Swift Concert

I told Dawson we were going to this ever since tickets went on sale many months ago.  I like to think I'm T-Swift's biggest fan and I couldn't wait to watch Taylor in all her awkward glory in concert again.  I love the girl, but I'm not going to lie, she is 5 feet and 10 inches of uncoordinated hair whipping dance moves.

I had to come straight from a 12 hr shift at the hospital, but lucky for me I have a sweet husband who picked me up on his motorcycle and got us there in record time with VIP parking.  I felt like we were in a movie with the way he was weaving through traffic, Daw could easily be a stunt car/motorcycle driver.

The concert did not disappoint, and I am proud to say my voice was completely gone by the end.  2nd best night of the year!!!


Utah vs. Washington

Final score: 31-14

First half we were feeling pretty good, second half I wanted to crawl in a hole and die for a little while.

The best part about the day was the 80 degree weather and the fact that we live so close to the stadium we can walk there in 5 minutes.