utah vs. northern colorado

score: 41-0

football season is finally here!
and we definitely started the season off on a good note.

first we went to the ute walk, so we could cheer dad and jason on.
then we went to tailgate at uncle brady's legit tailgate set-up.
he had a place from enemy territory (downtown provo) cater called Guru's.
all i'm saying is dawson and i ate 3 cookies each, and then had to sneak some into the game.
yes, they were THAT good.

after that we headed over to the stadium to watch the utes warm up
and guess who we found there... preiseident uchtdorf and his wife!
they came to the season opener last year and had such a good time they came again.
they sat up in the box during the game this time, 
but president said he wanted to go down on the field first so he could "feel the atmosphere".
notice he even had his red tie on!

the utes definitely had a slow start to the game.
we had an interception and no touch downs in the first quarter.
but after some amazing catches from our tight ends and a pair of touchdowns by travis wilson,
we were in our groove and end up winning 41-0.
at about 28-0, cousin jason got put in at linebacker!
he is a freshman and already getting legit playing time (he starts on special teams).
whittingham family pride!

so now football season is officially underway,
which means my stress level will be on high for the next 4 months.
we are going to logan next week to take on the aggies...
be sure to cheer us on!

that cutie in the hat is the girl that does ALL of our hair!
we sure love mandi, thanks for making us look beautiful! 


happy anniversary

happy anniversary to us!!!

our anniversary was july 21st, and it just so happened that we were in priest lake.
even though we were on a family vacay, that didn't stop us from doing a little celebrating!
dawson took me out on a hot date, and we took the boat over to a restaurant on the lake.
it was quite the little adventure, 
and we had so much fun going over memories of our first year of marriage over dinner.

but the REAL surprise of the day....
dawson got me a wedding band!
he had known i wanted a gold band ever since we got married,
but we had decided that we would get one for our 5 year anniversary (newlywed budget!).
being the sneaky guy that he is, he slipped the ring on my finger while i was sleeping.
we woke up early because daws was going golfing with the boys.
i didn't noticed the ring until after i had kissed him goodbye and almost fallen back asleep 
(it was 6am people).
but once i noticed i had some new bling on my finger, 
i had to run and chase him down so i could give him a huge smooch and say thank you!!!
isn't it B-E-A-U-tiful?!

once we got home we wanted to REALLY celebrate our anniversary
(come on, 1 year is quite an accomplishment)!

dawson planned a day date to lagoon, because he knows how much i love the place.
we had a blast rollercoaster hopping, and the new ride "air race" is way legit.
although my favorite will always be the tilt-o-whirl.
i have so much fun with my husband and he always makes me laugh so hard.
i was cracking up because daw had heard about how indians would hold water in their 
mouths and then go running for 50 miles without water but would stay hydrated because of 
the water in their mouth.  he was convinced this was legit, and was going through the 
park holding water in his mouth as long as he could.
ok maybe it doesn't sound that funny right now, but at the time it was hilarious.

for the night, i chose the bombay house for dinner.
mmmm mmmm goood.
then we went up to the chateaux at silver lake to spend the night.
it was so gorgeous up there in the mountains.
i mentioned to dawson how it reminded me of the mountains in switzerland,
and he decided that it was necessary to make me speak swiss (german) for the next 10 minutes.
i have to say though, i did a pretty good job.
i dare anyone else to try to speak nothing but swiss for 10 minutes straight when 
they don't actually know a word of the language.
we also had to eat our wedding cake of course,
which we did while laying in the big comfy bed.
we still have enough left to last us for the next 5 years.

another side note: 
as soon as we checked in at the lobby, "our song" came on the overhead speakers.
it had come on the radio right after we got engaged,
after we picked up our marriage certificate,
when we got home from our honeymoon,
and when we were on our boating date.
if that's not a sign that we are meant to be then i don't know what is!

the next day (after sleeping in) we went out for breakfast.
we had to get dawson's favorite unlimited french toast from kneaders.
and then we went and checked out the farmers market on main street.

i loved all of our anniversary celebrations so much,
but i love my sweet husband even more.
i still feel like the luckiest girl in the world
and i am so blessed to be able to call him mine.