^ alex's bday bash, pretending we were in the movie "sandlot"

^ mine and elise's half hearted attempts at working out before the cruise

 ^ i've been working out with my momma at the facility lately, 
and somehow this day we timed it just right to have the boys join us

^ i had to work on sunday, and while i was there dawson sent me this snapchat of him and luke.
(luke and beka sit by dawson and i every week during sacrament - our pseudo kids)
a few hours later luke's mom posted this on instagram.  i'm so glad she has a sense of humor!


sister date

kylie and i went on a sister date last week to see divergent on opening night.
we both read the book and loved it, so we were so excited to see the movie!
no movie is ever as good as the book (besides catching fire), but we still liked it.
and we are both in LOVE with four.
yes, four is the name of the male main character.
but don't worry. when you are as strong, sweet, and good looking as he is,
it doesn't matter what your name is.

i'm pretty sure daw wouldn't have felt the same way about four as we did...
and that's why sister dates are the best!


all you need is love

even though we aren't planning on moving in for a long while, the first night of owning our home we were just too anxious.

we gathered up our stuff and like two little kids too excited to sleep on christmas, spent the night on the floor of our new room in our new home.

an air mattress, a space heater, 1970's wallpaper, green carpet, our very own home, our pup, and each other.

what more could i ask for?!


home owners

we are official home owners!

it has definitely been a looooooong time coming.

we have been looking for houses for about a year, and SERIOUSLY looking for about 6 months.  we have seen so many houses i had pretty much decided we would never find one that we loved.  and i was seriously embarrassed because our realtor (even though he is dawson's brother) probably thought we were the pickiest people in the world.

but it all ended last wednesday.

dawson was at work, but andrew (his brother) had seen that a house in the area we wanted had just got put on the market.  even though daw was at work, i went with my mom and andy to see it anyway because he thought it would sell fast.

walking through it, i loved it.  it might be hard for some people to look at a house straight out of the 70's (and oh it was) and visualize their dream home, but i could see it.  we wanted a fixer upper and this was the perfect one.

i told andy to put an offer in.  this might sound like a big deal, but it wasn't.  we had made offers on so many houses and nothing ever came of it, so i figured this would be the same thing.

the next day we got a group text from andy that said, "you guys ready to buy a house?!!".  our offer had been accepted!  my first thought was that he was joking and then when i realized he wasn't, i panicked.  dawson hadn't even SEEN the house yet!  and WTF, are we actually even ready to buy a house (that needs a total remodel?!

well long story short.  dawson saw the house that night while i was at work and loved it too (good thing since we had pretty much already said we would buy it).  we moved forward and 9 days later we closed and had the keys in our hand.


ready or not, say hello to utah's newest home owners!

wish us luck.