there's nothing like lake powell

looking haggard for 6 days straight
burning your skin to a crisp in 100 degree weather
falling asleep under the stars on the top of the houseboat
waking up to the burning sun every morning 
having every muscle in your body ache from tubing, crashing wake boarding, etc.
eating so much junk food you almost get diabetes
and laughing so hard with friends you feel like a kid again

all in all, our trip was a total success
minus the flat tire that happened about 1 hour into the drive
thanks to our manly men that was only a 30 minute delay though
and us ladies were very impressed while we sat and watched from the car

here is our trip in pics:

my husband is so freaking hot right now!

i learned that my husband is not only a borderline professional race car driver
but also a professional boat driver (i shoulda known)
he handled driving duties pretty much the whole trip
letting everyone else tube, wake surf, and wakeboard
so lets just add selfless and boat driver extraordinaire to his long list of amazing qualities

we have such legit friends
evident above by their hand dancing skills
we are so blessed

yes i am that nerd with the shirt on under her life jacket
i don't know what i was thinking.
i am so ashamed

now what did i say earlier...
we all look totally beat by the end of the trip
but it's only because we squeezed every ounce of fun out of us
so that makes us hot
long live LP!!!


25 by 25

since one of my obsessions is making to-do lists
(who doesn't love crossing something off a to-do list?  it's just so satisfying)
 i have made a 25 things to do by the time i'm 25 years old list.  

Plan a trip to Peru
Learn to ride a road bike
Be a blonde again
Golf 18 (ok maybe 9) holes with Dawson
Hike Mount Olympus
Improve in tennis
Make a killer Halloween costume
Re-learn how to jump the wake on the wakeboard
Bowl over a 150
Go on a girls only trip with my besties
Turn into a yogi (aka start yoga)
Get an iPhone
Start taking more videos, less pictures
Decorate our bathroom
Donate blood
Take Dawson to the Melting Pot
Get a wedding band
Teach Dash 3 new tricks
Run a 5k
Print out our wedding pictures
Go real camping with Dawson
Eat 1 year anniversary wedding cake
Go to 3 temples I haven't been to before
Eat more vegetarian (but don't be a vegetarian)
Go with the Utes to a BCS bowl (this one is out of my hands)

i know some are lame. dont make fun.
just wish me luck!


day date

as much as we love them...
after spending so much time with friends,
dawson and i decided it was time for a quick get away to park city
just the two of us

i'm so lucky dawson is my very best friend
i have yet to ever get sick of him (people say it will happen eventually)
but it's still my favorite thing to be with just him
isn't he so handsome?!

maybe i'm biased but he is REALLY funny too
i promise


vacay time

we are off to lake powell today!

i am so excited to spend a week in LP with the love of my life
i sure do love that boy in a swimsuit
and we are so stoked to be going with the funnest couples EVER
see you next week, hopefully bronzed and all in one piece!


keep your fingers crossed!

tomorrow will mark the OFFICIAL start of summer for us
dawson takes the LSAT at 1pm and then it's party time!
everyone please cross your fingers and say your prayers for him
he is such a smarty pants I know he'll be just fine, but it can't hurt to have a little extra help!
and then it's enough of this LSAT mistress, cuz I want my husband back to myself NOW.

last week we pretended it was really summer and had s'mores over a legit campfire.
elise, winston, jeff, and lauren and us went up millcreek and it was a blast.
i'm glad we are all so funny, and that my stomach hurts the next day from laughing.
maybe all that laughing will give me a 6-pack for lake powell this week!

please note that amazing invention over the fire by jeff.
no one likes biting into cold chocolate on a s'more - 
problem solved!!!
we told him he needs to patent that asap.


Summer days

I'm just going to be honest.  I was born for summer and the sun.
The past few weeks have been simply bliss.
(I mean the 4 days a week I have off).
I have yet to get sick of being lazy, and I think I should be a professional beach bum.
I just need to quit my job and move to California first.

Each day pretty much goes exactly like this:

Wake up to my boys. Eat breakfast with hubby. Hubby leaves to study. Take Dash for a long walk. 
Dash lays down every time we pass shade. Possibly go to the grocery store. Go to Crossfit with my momma or hit the gym. 
Sunbath with my best buddy. Read the day away. Get showered and ready so Dawson doesn't know how lazy we've been. 

Then the best part of the day, Dawson gets home!

I can't wait til June 11th, then he can join Dash and I in our daily routine.