Delta Gamma

I loved being a Delta Gamma.

The only regret I have is that i wasn't even MORE involved, since I also had work, cheer, nursing school, etc.  My college life was non-stop, to say the least.  But in spite of all that I was still able to hold multiple positions (including a VP once!) and live in the house for a year, which I might add was one of the most fun experiences of my life.

(Beware of picture overload)

This last week was Founder's Day, which just reminded me of all the amazing times I had in DG with even more amazing girls.  I'm so glad I was a 4 year member, and am now an official DG alumni.  Now I can really say

DG for LIFE!



Awesome & Awkward

While Dash is still obviously the center of our lives, I've decided to expand Awesome and Awkward to include more than just him.

Awesome... Being done with night shifts and having a whole week off!
Awkward... Having had cheesecake, chips and salsa, and a turkey sandwich for breakfast the past 3 days

Awesome... Almost bringing home a pitbull from Petco that was up for adoption and was the most precious thing ever and was telling me with her eyes that she needed me
Awkward... Crying a little on the way home after I called Dawson and he told me "Hell no"
Even more Awkward... Dash deciding he needs to defile Petco as well as Petsmart  and pooping right in the middle of the aisle again

Awesome... Dash loving me and wanting to be by me all the time
Awkward... Dash knowing what my phone and computer mean, and deciding that he hates them taking my attention away from him.  Hence he is constantly pawing at me and trying to sit on the keyboard as I type this.

Awesome... My beautiful sister-in-law Jen turning 30 this week! (But still looking 21 and better than ever)
Awkward... Me sleeping through her bday because I had worked a night shift and forgetting to call her - but I WILL make up for it!

Awesome... Jen and I going to Serba's work out class yesterday
Awkward... Being so sore today that I can't pick up Dash or sit down on the toilet without tears coming to my eyes

Awesome... Having a puppy play date with Monroe and Maizy
Awkward... Dash deciding Monroe is his girlfriend and having his teenage boy instincts take over (if you know what I mean)

Awesome... The sunny weather we've been having on my days off!
Awkward... The one rainstorm we had was when Dawson was coming home from class on the motorcycle

We are weekend bound folks, and we can't even wait!!!


How old are we?

We may be 24 (and 23) but this past weekend we re-lived our teenage years by going to a midnight movie premiere and hanging out at the mall.

Of course we couldn't wait til Friday to see Hunger Games, so we went to the 12:01am showing with a group of friends on Thursday night.  We felt so rebellious getting home at 3 am.

We'll just pretend that the reason I shed tears three (yes three) times was because it was so late at night... 
1- During the preview of Titanic 3D
2- When Katniss volunteered for Prim at the Reaping 
3- Of course when Rue gets speared.  How could you not?

And yes, I am wearing a Hunger Games shirt, courtesy of Steph Moreton.  
She was in charge of book club this month, so this was our activity.  
So legit, although not as legit as the kids in front of us who brought their bows & arrows.


I am almost embarrassed (but not really) to say that we've been to City Creek every single day since it's opened.  It is so awesome though!  

And the fact that we can bring Dash there just made me love it so much more.  If you haven't been, you really need to go.  Although it wouldn't hurt to wait a few weeks for the crowds to die down.


I said YES

1 year ago today exactly.

If you really want to, you can read all about it HERE

In order to celebrate, we ate ourselves sick off of cheesecake with the Snow's.
Totally worth it.

I mean really, is there any better way to show your love then to laugh your butt off with cheeks full of Red Velvet Cheesecake?  That pretty much describes us perfectly.

Oh, and also of very important note:

Today is National Puppy Day!!!!

We celebrated Dash by getting his hair did and letting him play with his best buddy Max.  I was worried he wouldn't look cute with his hair cut, but lets face it, he's still the world's most adorable dog.  See for yourself.

I love both my boys so much, don't know what I'd do with them


St. Patty's Day

I am fairly positive that no two husbands in the entire world have ever had a better, more creative St. Patrick's Day dinner (so what if we stole the idea from Pinterest).


Spring Break

Thanks to my flight finding skillz we scored a KILLER deal on flights to SF so we booked a last minute trip for Daw's Spring Break.  
I was so excited because we had gone on Spring Break there the year before, which is when we got engaged, and I'm super sentimental like that.

We went to "our spot" and relived the moment of course, which was tender and reminded me how happy/lucky I am Dawson proposed to me.  But mostly we hung out with our fav California residents Colin, Jamie, Presley and Maybelle (and lucky for us Diana was there too), which let's be honest, is the most fun we could have asked for!



I am so lucky that my husband has such amazing friends who have just as amazing wives/GF's/sig figs.  I love love love them all, even though I do feel like the poor homely girl in the group sometimes.  
Could they BE any more gorgeous? 
Um no.