what hawaiian vacation is complete without a luau???
not ours, that's for sure!

we stuffed our faces with authentic hawaiian grub and had some entertainment from all the hula dancers
although they had some fierce competition when they brought ty up on stage
little did they know he can shake his booty with the best of them!

we had so much fun with my family at the luau
i'm so grateful to my parents that they give us the opportunity to do fun stuff like this
and for an amazing family vacation.
love you mom and dad!


girls club

girls club was in hawaii this summer!

side note: ashley and i started "girls club" when we were 4 and 8 years old. 
we were the only girl cousins in the whole family and so we had to bond together.
we ended up adding 8 girls to the club throughout the years, but we still consider ourselves the girls club founders

since we were living in swim suits 
we were bound and determined to work out every day of the trip,
so the first day we got up on time and got our running shoes on,
started out on the shoreline trail,
got about a mile out and...

there was a 10 minute down pour and we were basically drowning while running.

after that, we decided to take our work out to the ocean.
when you are living 30 feet from the beach, why not?
we would take the paddle board out and take turns going as far out as we dared.

our main goal was to not fall off of course.
especially when we found out kylie had a small cut on her leg that was bleeding.
the sharks would for sure smell it and come to our bay we decided.
ashley was the lucky one paddling us and what are the odds, we got stuck in a current!
she was paddling for about 15 minutes and we might have moved about 6 inches forward.
she may or may not have fallen off.
we may or may not have all panicked.
we may or may not have finally made it to shore an hour later.
we may or may not have gotten the best work out of all from laughing so dang hard.

ashley is 20 years old today so
thank you for being my best friend, for being my go-to secret keeper, for always giving me advice that's wise beyond your years, for always making me laugh (especially at your social media mishaps), for being my bikram yoga buddy this summer, for always having a smile on your face, and much more. 


more maui...

for the first half of the vacay we stayed in a condo at the ritz-carlton.
the sweetest part about it was that we were a 30 second walk to the pool
and a 60 second walk to the beach.

the balcony had pretty much the best view in the world.
i gave dawson ender's game awhile ago and he started reading it on the trip.
i've never seen him read so much (besides the lsat book)
although with that setting and an amazing book to read, i sure don't blame him.

while i think we could have just hung out at the condo all day and been just fine,
most of our days we went out to one of the beaches nearby
and when we were tired of the beach we would hit up the pool.
it was really rough, i don't know how we managed it.

at night we would usually go out to lahaina
sometimes we'd get dinner, sometimes we'd just walk the strip
but we would ALWAYS end the night with shave ice



we also made it to church on sunday,
where my dad wore his lava lava like he always does every year.
even though every year he is the only one at church wearing one

halfway through the trip we had to leave the ritz condo
 and move to a house that was a 5 minute walk to the beach.
we missed the ritz condo but it was nice to have our own pool and more space.


and for dawson it was nice to have a massage chair
seeing as any free moment we had he would sneak up there
and get massagersized

and just as if there was any doubt that kylie was the favorite child...
let me show you HER room, aka the master bedroom.
she had to have it because "she was the only one who loved purple":

i have to add, that this was year's vacation was much better than last years for one reason only
me and dawson are MARRIED!
last year we went 2 weeks before our wedding and let me tell you.
it was pure torture.
needless to say, it was much better to be able to share a room with dawson
and not have to keep a 2 foot distance while in swimming suits.

alright then,
i only have one more post about maui and then it's aloha until next year!


molokini crater

one of my favorite things in hawaii was taking a boat out to the molokini crater
we were so good at snorkeling
they called us the fish whisperers

oh dad
coach whit always has the utes on his mind
even in the pacific ocean

yes i know,
the goggle marks on my face are HAWT.
we snorkeled for an hour out by the crater and saw tons of fish
dawson spent a lot of the time looking for the wedding ring that someone "supposedly" had lost the day before.
he never found it.

we are so lucky to be related to the ultimate tourist.
ty makes so many friends wherever he goes,
however the sun is NOT one of them.

glamour shot with my hubby!