the beatles

eight days a week
maybe i'm amazed
hey jude

my family loves the beatles.
my dad and alex are the true beatles experts, but we all love them and know all their songs.
even dawson has grown to be obsessed with the beatles just like the rest of us.

being at the paul mccartney concert made me want to cry because i just know i should have been alive in the 60's and gone to all their concerts and screamed my heart out with all the other girls.

but being at the paul mccartney (the cute one) concert was the next best thing.
even though paul is 72 yrs old, he looks the exact same (thank you botox) and can sure rock out just the same.
and i really did feel john, george, and ringo there in spirit.

now i can just continue to dream about being the best beatles groupie there ever was.



lady antebellum

let's just pretend it isn't sad how behind i am at blogging.
we can fake like the lady a concert wasn't 10 months ago and that this post is right on time.

we have been to a lady antebellum concert before and it was AMAZING.  
therefore we had no choice but to go again when they came in january.  
especially because kip moore was opening and he is one of our favorites.

i absolutely love live music and these guys do not disappoint.  
if you have the chance to go to one of their concerts, drop everything and do it.
you know how people always record on their phones and concerts and then never actually watch the videos?
well we recorded and i have watched them all, and i bet you would too.
bottom line - i loved the lady a concert.
and the seats weren't too bad either!



^ yogurtland with the rice's and the brewers, who have the cutest insta-famous 
black lab named benny that stayed home in the backyard with dash.  
we kind of hoped they would forget to pick benny up so we could keep him, but somehow they remembered him dang it.
^ megan and bo came over to help us finish off our two gallons of ice cream
that i for some reason thought it was necessary to buy… i can't turn down a good sale.
(yes, kitchen still under construction at this point).
^ we dog-sat our friend sarah and chad's dog, miley.
aren't they stinkin' cute?!  dash may have like miley a little more than she liked him.

^ what happens when your new ward has 1pm church?  make breakfast every sunday.

^ 10 plates of cookies were made to pass out to our new neighbors… 
i hope they like us and judge us on our cookie making skills (they were dang good cookies)

^ we had our monthly sunday dinner at the snow's.
matt just happened to have stitches that were due to come out,
so it was nurse missy to the rescue!!!
 ^ playing ellen's game, heads-up, at the rices abode.
guys, we are GOOD at that game.  we are also good at laughing our butts off during that game.
^ we went to matt and amber larsen's sealing 
and sadly i have no pics from the temple.
however i do have a pic of these amazing fries that me, daw, steve, and winston got afterwards at spitz.
oh my gosh were they good.  i'm mad at all my friends who have had these and not told me about them
and therefore delayed me being able to eat them until now.  thanks winston for pulling through for me.
^ alex and his 3 friends started a band called "rockne" 
and they had two outdoor concerts this month.
our parents are so supportive and went, even though they were the oldest people there
(and don't they look like they are having a good time?!


31 days of summer

this summer was a little different from all our other summers
june was spent finishing remodeling the new house
july was spent out of town on vacations and moving
august was then all we had left to fit in every summer activity you could think of.

^ floating the provo river with all of my cousins was such a blast!
you would think that after jackson fell off his tube 5 times it would stop being funny,
but sure enough times 6, 7, and 8 were just as hilarious.
same goes for rachel being smashed into the trees on the sides of the river

^ campfire and s'mores up millcreek canyon with the millers and our pooches.
we go real fancy with our s'mores.  think reeses and white chocolate.  mmm

 ^ saturday's farmer market at pioneer park where we successfully made a purchase
and got some delicious biscuits and gravy.

 ^ bees game with the kents.  monroe and i were a little more into coloring
and eating kettle corn than watching the game, but that's fine.

^ kylie and i took advantage of her not having school yet and me having a day off…
stuffing our faces with pancakes and omelets at a new breakfast place.
no where near as good as park cafe (sorry but it's true), but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

^ swimming all afternoon at kayley's parents pool and having "holding your breath under water" contests was exhausting.  our only option was to finish the night up with brownies and ice cream to recover (and yes our kitchen was very much under construction at this point).

^ we did eat as many shaved ice's as we could, and tyler and lauren were great in helping us increase our shaved ice consumption.  please note the drool spot on tyler's shoulder… that's the sign of a great dad right there!!!

 ^ what says sumer more than watermelon? nothing is the answer.
eating a watermelon with a spoon on our front porch on a warm summer night = perfection.
we even let dash get in on some watermelon action.

our one month of summer was over way too fast, but we lived up every minute of it.

goodbye summer, hello fall!