utah @ colorado

because i was supposed to work on thanksgiving,
we weren't able to go to the last game of the year.

we watched from home with helen and cheered the utes on.
it's frustrating that the game was so close when we should have crushed them,
but i guess colorado is bound and determined to make it a close game every year.

one thing that's for certain, is we owe a lot to these two guys:

my dad, of course, because he is the best coach in the nation.
(i'm allowed to be biased)
and reggie dunn, for his 5th 100 yard kickoff return for a TD!!!
he gave us back the momentum and the lead in a critical moment in the 4th quarter.
so thank you!

it's been a long, hard season of more downs than ups,
but we will forever cheer on the utes whether they win or lose.
go utes!


turkey bowl

gav and jill came up with the great idea to have a friends turkey bowl.
seeing how 5 out of the 9 of us that could come were BHS graduates, 
it only seemed appropriate to head back to good old BHS to play.

first things first, don't let the blonde heads on these girls fool you.
they. are. athletes.
jill was the MVP of the game, 
nicole was the most intimidating, 
and kayley was a defensive blur.

but we are all cheerleaders at heart!

the boys impressed their wives with their athletic ability too.
and they looked pretty good doing it.

i present to you, the winning team:
(chase was QB for both teams, but his heart was with us)

and the losers:

we love our friends, 
and hope this becomes a yearly tradition
(and hopefully the WHOLE crew will be able to come next time)!


thanksgiving 2012

i was supposed to work from 3-11pm on thanksgiving day
(that's the sacrifice you have to make when you work in healthcare).
but a few hours before i got a call saying they didn't need me!
thanksgiving miracle!
however, they weren't sure how many emergency room patients they were going to get,
so they put me on-call.
which means that i had to have my phone by me every second, 
and every time it rang i was sure that it was the hospital telling me that they needed me.
i was just keeping my fingers crossed than no one in utah was 
cutting their hand off when carving the turkey, getting a bowel obstruction from eating too much,
or crashing their car on their way to grandmother's house.
it was another thanksgiving miracle, because i never  got that call!
thank you citizens of utah for not being stupid!

so since we were unexpectedly getting to spend the day together,
we headed to julie's house for a dinner with some of the whittingham family
(my parents and tyler were in colorado for the game)
and had an UH-mazing thanksgiving dinner!

we also got to celebrate thanksgiving the next saturday with the kents!
that's the plus of getting married: 
twice the family, twice the holidays, twice the love.
(and twice the food, which is dangerous because diana is a VERY good cook)
and i sure lucked out by marrying into the best family ever.
unfortunately i only got one picture the whole day, 
which is a shame because the whole kent family is very good-looking

we have so much to be grateful for this year. 
to name a quick few:

our families, dash, the gospel, our church callings, our home, 
our health, our jobs, our friends, our financial situation, living 
in america, cable tv, taylor swift's new album, nielsens frozen custard, 
and our opportunities we have to travel the world.

and of course, we are grateful for each other.
i don't know where i would be without dawson in my life.
he is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me.
and happy thanksgiving!


utah vs. arizona

score: 24-34

no bowl game for us.
this will be the first time in 10 years that i haven't gone to a bowl game with my family.
it will be weird but we'll adjust.
at least we don't have to worry about spending christmas in a hotel!
(which we have done plenty of times in my life)

we were able to bring chase, nakita, steve, and kayley to the game with us.
we are so grateful to have such amazing friends,
and it made us (more me, cuz dawson already knows) realize that there is more to life than football.

i love these pretty girls!
i am so glad that dawson's friends chose chicas that i would have been friends with,
even if they weren't married to my husband's besties.
and i love them even more that they were willing to sit through a cold football game 
and cheer the utes on!!!


utah @ washington

score: 15-34

it's hard to win when you turn the ball over
and have only 55 passing yards.

but the tailgate at safeco field was very cool,
our cheering section was louder than ever,
we got to have thurmond join us,
we managed to stay warm in spite of frigid temperatures,
and we all still love our utes no matter what.


happy birthday dash!

i love this little guy more than you could even imagine
(which i'm sure you can imagine is a lot).

we spoiled him today with new clothes, new toys, and new bones.
he even got a few bites of human food!
he is such a good dog, he deserved it.
plus it was his FIRST birthday! that's a big deal!

dash really is my BFF.

dash runs errands with me, 
exercises with me, 
is more excited than dawson when i get home from work,
watches tv with me, 
helps me clean up dinner (didn't you know thats how we wash our dishes?), 
cuddles with me, 
listens to all my stories, complaints, and exciting news, 
and much more.

sure dash loves dawson,
but we both know i'm really his favorite.
(just ask who he sleeps on every night)

"dogs have given us their absolute all.  we are the center of their universe.  we are the focus of their love and faith and trust.  they serve us in return for scraps.  it is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made."