kauai 2014

the only bad thing about hawaii this year was the fact that it was too short.
my family went out there for a week before we were able to get work off and spend the second week with them.
talk about missing out.

since it's so hard to blog about a week long epic trip, i've broken it down a little.
here is what "whittinghams in kauai" included this year:

my good lookin' family
^ coach whit, looking fit
^ my beautiful momma that could pass for my sister
^ tyler, who's goals in life are not to get sunburned and to look like an asian tourist.
only one was accomplished.  i'll let you figure out which one it was.
^ alex, who sadly had to leave the day before dawson and i got there.
^ kylie, the cutest and most fashionable of us all
^ and my handsome husband himself

shipwreck beach
the beach where there is a red flag out every day warning for "hazardous conditions",
and therefore of course the only beach my family wanted to go to.
the boogie boarding was spectacular,
if only for the fact that you got an adrenaline rush for fear of your life every time you caught a wave.
nonetheless, we spent almost every beach day here and loved it.

^ JB really did jump off this cliff… 
along with his body guards, to protect him from sharks.
 ^ because the boys would abandon us to hit the big waves, 
us sisters stuck together in the less dangerous parts of the ocean
 ^if you look closely, you can see tyler and dawson in the background…
ty is easily spottable seeing as he's the only one in a long sleeve shirt and hat
^literally nothing better than being on the beach with this boy.
 ^ twinsies! (tripleties?) not even planned!
 ^ note that this was the day that kylie was in a very grumpy mood.
we cut her some slack since this was day 13 of her being in hawaii and she was a bit sunburned.

waimea canyon
the grand canyon of hawaii was beautiful.
"the wettest spot in the world"was there, and we were told it was a can't miss.
don't tell anyone that the girls ended up not getting out of the car to see it.

^the people watching us take the picture might have thought we were on a special needs field trip

the club
oh the club.  unanimously the best part of the trip.
somehow my dad, the king of hookups, got us hooked up with the club.
i will one day belong to this club and go to hawaii every month and enjoy the heck out of it.

let me explain.

the club has a continental breakfast that includes stuff like fresh fruit, homemade granola, salmon and lox, nutella stuffed croissants, a gourmet coffee bar, etc.
the club has fridges and drawers throughout the whole club that are filled with mini ice creams, homemade brownies, granola bars, candy, naked juices, etc.
the club has a workout room that has every kind of top of the line work out equipment that you could think of.
the club has a restaurant (that my dad took just the girls out to) that had some of the best food i've ever eaten in my my life, including a pineapple cobbler.
the club has a spa - oh the spa - that has everything you'll ever need… dry sauna, wet sauna, hot tub, cold water plunge, personal outdoor showers, luxurious robes, top of the line shampoo and conditioner,  sunscreen, face lotion, antioxidant cream, coconut salt scrub, hair dryers, curling irons, etc. etc. etc.
the club has a game room with ping pong, pool, air hockey, pinball, shuffle board, etc.
the club has pools with slides, hot tubs, zip lines, beach volleyball, corn hole, bocce ball, etc.
bottom line. the club has every thing you could ever need.

our daily routine was to go work out at the club, eat breakfast, go all day to the beach or adventure, come back to the club and use the spa for two hours, then go home for dinner. 

i imagine heaven to be like the club in hawaii.

^ those may look like cabinets, but they were freezer drawers with ice cream in them.
^ the view from the gym

tuna fishing
we might have the worst luck in all of hawaii.
my dad's friend took us out to the middle of the ocean to go tuna fishing, 
and it was one of the only times in his life that he hadn't caught something.
nope, not even one fish.
but i'm proud to say that i didn't get seasick one bit.
dawson on the other hand… he'll try to deny it but he was turning green.

the napili coast
*no pics from this besides this one, because kylie took made an awesome video of it instead!  
which i will post once i figure out how….
just know it was AWESOME.
everyone else was in huge boats, while we were in a 12 foot catamaran. 
we got the real experience, not to mention we saw about a thousand dolphins.

a sunday on the island
we were welcomed at the local ward with open arms and beautiful leis
(and my dad was lucky enough to get asked to teach a lesson).
then we made the poor decision to go to the beach on the sabbath.
dawson and i were both diving under a wave and he nailed me in the nose with his huge watch.
luckily he bashed me right where my scar is from tyler busting my nose 5 years ago.
so now it just looks extra awesome.
luckily it was the last full day of the trip.

and that about sums up the trip.
it's so depressing looking at all these pics now that it's getting cold.
dawson and i have decided that disneyland is overrated…
hawaii is the TRUE happiest place on earth.
thanks parents for an amazing trip!