our month of october,
in no particular order.

1. bhs girls monthly dinner 2. britt's 25th bday 3-4. visiting snow white and taedon
1. state tennis for kristi and kali  2. naps with dash  3. weekly nielsens run  4. peru mission reunion
1. lunch with prego chantelle 2. nakita and dash at our conference breakfast 3-4. date night to cafe rio
1. sunday naps  2-3. driving to provo with chewbacca 4. double date with the snows for pazookies and argo
1. beer cheese soup with ashlyn  2. night shifts  3. organic veggies  4. homemade dinner date with the nicols
1-2. dash's girlfriend velma (he likes them big)  3. dawson's buddy 4. my amazingly hot husband
1-2. sisters day with beer cheese soup and pitch perfect (pity me and my fivehead) 3. vampire taedon  4. blair's birthday!
1. sushi date night  2. steve and kayley are getting hitched!  3. boys golfing in heber  4. riding the harley to put into storage


awesome and awkward

awesome... our conference breakfast we did with our friends steve, kaylee, chase, and nakita
awkward... our breakfast that was supposed to be during Sunday morning session, turned into a "conference first session, football in between, second session, and movie night" 12 hour hang out session

awesome... the new season of grey's anatomy
awkward... me bawling my eyes out through every episode lately. and dawson not batting an eye when he sees that i'm only crying over grey's anatomy. again.

awesome... the app "snap chat"
awkward... how much our group of friends snap chats. we are now kept updated on each others lives through pictures about 10 times a day minimum.

awesome... the snow's inviting us over for dinner for fall soup and bread bowls
awkward... how surprisingly sad i was that baby crew was asleep early so i didn't get to play with him (aren't i the girl who doesn't even like babies?)

awesome... it's finally time to apply to law school!!!
awkward... how law school applications are too much like homework and take too much of my husband's time (that i want all to myself)

awesome... both of us trying to be healthier and eating our fruits and veggies
awkward... me almost eating a grasshopper that hid itself in the broccoli that i bought. and the fact that i haven't been able to eat a vegetable since (going on 2 weeks now)

awesome... my gf ashlyn getting a job on my floor and us working together!!!
awkward... how depressed i get when our schedules aren't the same and i have to work a shift without her

awesome... going to crossfit with my mama
awkward... the fact that it was my first time working out in a month and i had to use all my power not to puke my guts out

awesome... dawson finally shaving his abraham lincoln beard off
awkward... while shaving his beard he decided to buzz his whole head. and the next day it snowed. and i say that's karma because he knows i like his locks long and lucsious

awesome... porcupine grill's beer cheese soup that they have only during oktoberfest
awkward... my plan to buy a huge supply of it so i can freeze it and have it for hopefully a few more months

awesome... the new Taylor Swift CD, RED
awkward... my unhealthy obsession with T-Swift.  after i got the album i took dash for a 2 hr walk so i could listen to the whole cd on my iPod... twice.

awesome... our trips planned for 2013 that have us leaving the country more than once
awkward... how i'm already having anxiety attacks about the 12 HOUR flight that will take us on our first adventure!


utah @ oregon state

score: 7-21

the longest losing streak we've had yet.

dawson and i didn't go to the game this week,
so we watched it at home with kylie, the harris's and the rice's.
we all cheered hard from home but it wasn't enough.

the utes fumbled inside their own 30 yard line TWICE.
and of course the beavers scored both times.
we also fumbled right as we were about to score.
that made the loss even more frustrating, because we could have won.

we need to win 4 out of the next 5 games to be bowl eligible.
it's very possible, so don't quit cheering on the utes yet!


utah @ UCLA


the breakdown:

starting freshman QB
good drives but couldn't make it into the endzone
UCLA always converting on 3rd and long
Star being triple teamed
trouble in our secondary
a wasted timeout
a utah touchdown a little too late
not enough time to come back and tie
another heartbreaking loss

besides the game though

i had an amazing time with my family.
i love that football gives us even more time to see each other.
because in the end, family is most important anyway.

we never miss the 10pm cheeseburger snack ritual with the team. jason, me, freddie, ash, ty, cary, jackson.

of course my favorite part is the ice cream sundae bar
ashley drove down from cal poly for the game!
jason is on the travel team so now we can party with him on all the away trips
ash and i with our kombucha obsession
the team goes to a movie the night before a game so we joined them since the theater was down the street

having police escorts get you through traffic is the only way to travel in LA

us girls hit up the utah tail gate
at half time with ashley when we were both dying of nervousness
me and my momma at the rose bowl. see you again in 2 years and next time with a W
i still love my utes and always will!!!


extreme room makeover

am i married to tim "the tool man" taylor?
i left my husband for 36 hours to go to california
and when i said goodbye the front room looked like this:

i know. 
the carpet was pretty bad.
so  tim  dawson, blair, and diana took on quite the project
and transformed our front room into this:

i was personally VERY impressed
and i absolutely love it.
(i might not love our $10 ikea rug but that's next on the wish list)

also on the wish list is a few more holiday decorations
but for now our few simple ones will have to do:

and lastly...
i'll be the first to admit i'm somewhat of a procrastinator.
i started a bunch of crafts right when we got married last summer,
however few of them were ever completely finished.

well in light of some recent opportunities,
i decided that it was important that this craft was finished:

we may or may not be adding to this map in the near future!
although i might need to change it into a world map instead of a USA map....
stay tuned!


utah vs. usc

it would have been SO nice to have redemption from last year.
but there's no point in coulda woulda shouldas.
we played competitively for the first 3 quarters and then couldn't keep it up for the 4th.

our fans were amazing and were as loud as i've ever heard them.
dawson and i cheered our little hearts out.
(we were still sick so half of our yelling was really hacking/coughing but hey, it was still loud)
and it was so fun to be able to have blair and diana come too.

it was also cousin jason's first start at linebacker!
he did a fabulous job and it was so fun to be able to cheer for him too.
keep on an eye out for him people, he is going to be a superstar. #53.
and ladies, he is single!

UCLA this week. 
hopefully it will be a repeat of what happened last year.
see you in LA!


utah @ ASU

score: 37-7

there have been a few games in my lifetime that have been absolutely miserable.
i remember boise state, tcu, unlv and cal games in particular 
that i wished we could just forfeit and go home.
luckily, there have been very few of these over my lifetime.
but this was one of those games.
they are miserable and i hope we don't have another like it EVER again.

the positive is we had a bye week and can recoup.
i am feeling fully confident and am excited to play USC again 
and hopefully get some redemption from last year!

dawson and i did make the trip to phoenix and it was very fun.
and very, very hot.
the team stayed at the ritz-carlton which happened to be within walking distance of a mall.
helen, my mom, kylie and i spent quite a bit of time there.
as well as at the pool in the 100 degree heat.

the best part of the trip was seeing all the utah peeps that were either from az or were there for the game.
it's always good to see fellow utes,
especially ones that happen to be great friends!
and we also got to see some fam damily.
my mom's brother patrick and his family live in az and are converted ute fans.
we love seeing them and i'm glad that we can use football as an excuse to see them!