^ alex and i both had huge wipeouts that might have given us concussions.
alex was convinced he had "sudden death syndrome"
and was going to keel over and die any minute.
don't worry, we both survived.

spring skiing with the whittinghams…
sadly the only skiing we did all year.
but after all the broken femurs i saw from skiing at work,
maybe that isn't such a bad thing!

^ our last adventures with the harris' before they moved on to bigger and better things in bluffdale.
happy cinco de mayo!!!

happy nurses week from your two favorite nurses!!!

 ^ alex has a new job downtown, 
so now i have a new weekly lunch date!

memorial day weekend in st george with the fam included:
ice cream, boating, and hiking angels landing.

 ^ you may think this is a bear, but don't worry it's a dog.
"happy" the service dog at the hospital.
he weighs more than double me…
think of the size of those poops!!! 

^ the best way to end any month.


the carnival glory

da glory.
she sure did treat us well.

our 2 "at sea" days were almost as fun as being on an island,
and every night we squeezed every last ounce of fun from da glory that we could.

everyone knows about the cruise dinners, right?
the foreign waiters with accents that tell terrible jokes that you laugh at hysterically.
the menu that is like gambling every night,
because you don't know if what you ordered is going to be amazing or disgusting.
and of course, the chocolate melting cake dessert that you order every night in addition to your "other" dessert.

as expected, da glory was a party ship.
everyone close to our age was in a constant state of drunkness and dance moves,
while we congregated more towards the 50 years and older crowd.
except at night of course, when us girls hit up the dance club and danced the night away
(never mind the fact that half the time we were the only ones in there).

day time consisted of either island hopping or hanging out by the pool on the ship.
every night consisted of date nights, with a few formal nights thrown in.
we went from hot, sweaty, salty, and haggard…

to FABulous!
our group of friends sure does clean up well.
everyone else thought that formal night meant wear your skimpiest outfit.
but we knew better than that.

modest is hottest!

and lets not forget debatably the best part of the cruise.
the soft serve machine.
(although ryan and the boys might argue that it was the burger bar)
i can't even try to count the number of ice cream cones our group consumed.
after breakfast cone… mid-morning snack cone… after lunch cone… second after lunch cone… midnight snack cone…

ice cream cones = happiness.

the boys were obsessed with going to the nightly comedian show.
the girls were obsessed with getting popcorn and going dancing.
we all were obsessed with hanging out on the lido deck together every night.
whether we were playing scum, playing heads up, or just chatting about nothing…
some of the best bonding went on during the night hours on da glory.

and we can't forget to give a shout out to our romanian waiter, alex.
he might have wanted to persuade jill to leave gavin and run away with him,
but we loved him anyway.
thanks alex for being the fastest waiter on the whole ship!

and sadly, so ends the never ending posts about our caribbean cruise.
it was 7 days of pure bliss, and one that we have decided has to become a tradition.
even if it is a once every 5 years tradition and the next one is with our kiddos on the disney cruise.

good bye carnival glory!


cinco de mayo

extra large horchatas and 4 churros please.
no better place to celebrate cinch de mayo than the best mexican place around,
conveniently located just minutes away from our new house. 

gracias hector, love your favorite loco americanos!!!


grand turk

one of the best decisions of the trip:
renting scooters!
we rented scoots for the day and explored all of grand turk
(which wasn't too hard seeing as the island is only 7 miles long).

we literally got to see the WHOLE island, 
and made sure we got to go to the very best beaches.
it also helped us know that it was the island with the prettiest beaches,
but the most boring and most expensive everything else.

we just relaxed and hung out on the beach after scooting around,
and savored every last moment on our last stop in the caribbean.

 ^had to end the trip with a chick pic, of course

and there is the carnival glory, in all her glory.
she'll get a post dedicated just to her, for treating us so well.