the beatles

eight days a week
maybe i'm amazed
hey jude

my family loves the beatles.
my dad and alex are the true beatles experts, but we all love them and know all their songs.
even dawson has grown to be obsessed with the beatles just like the rest of us.

being at the paul mccartney concert made me want to cry because i just know i should have been alive in the 60's and gone to all their concerts and screamed my heart out with all the other girls.

but being at the paul mccartney (the cute one) concert was the next best thing.
even though paul is 72 yrs old, he looks the exact same (thank you botox) and can sure rock out just the same.
and i really did feel john, george, and ringo there in spirit.

now i can just continue to dream about being the best beatles groupie there ever was.


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